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Black Rice (10kg)

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Certified Organic Gluten Free, Low G.I. Black Rice.

Forbidden Foods Organic Black Rice is gluten-free, 100% certified organic and 98% fat-free. Rich in antioxidants, black rice is the delicious alternative for those seeking to indulge in a high protein low G.I. rice that's pack full of vitamins and minerals. With a hint of sweet and beautiful aromas, you'll immediately fall in love with the delicious nutty taste.

Black rice is also high in iron and fibre, and it's a stand-out on any dish with its soft texture and deep purple colour. 

At Healthy Being we love Forbidden Food's Black Rice. Not just for its delicious taste, but also because of its amazing health benefits, chief among them its rich antioxidant, protein and iron content - not to mention it's completely gluten-free!

Size: 10kg Bag


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